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Porschebux are used to pay for various items where the price would be ridiculous to the normal person. A Porschebux is determined by taking the MSRP of a current Porsche Carrera ($ 82,100)divided by the MSRP of a Kia Rio ($ 12,295) and multiplied by 1 Euro. As of the day of this entry, 1 Porsche Bux = $ 8.97 US Dollars. The term is quite useful when explaining how much a farkle cost for a Porsche or other costly endeavor (can be used when talking boats, aircraft, motorcycles, etc.) when coded talk is most important.
A short shift kit for a 911 Carrera is $ 585.00 USD, but in Porschebux is only sixty-five dollars, which is palatable to most spouses.
by slowinfastout October 08, 2011
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