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Classic Porsche that evolved into the 944. The 924s came with the same exact engine as a 944, and the same transmission. only difference is the 944 is more heavier because of a wider body. 924s would win in a race tho. very quick off the line. Only thing that sucks about it, is that you have to take like 2 things apart on the engine just to get to 1 thing.
That black 924s just blew that 84 red trans am off the line and in the long run.

Man that Porsche 924s will eat ur automatic 5.0 Mustang alive
by schreiberdeutsch April 09, 2005
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Beautiful and awesome sportscar produced by Porsche in the 1970's & 80's.
I think the Porsche 924 is the favorite car of Yah.

Oh yeah, why is that?

Because on a telephone YAH = 924.
by Herbert W. Headstrong July 15, 2009
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quite possibly the biggest blemish on the Porsche name until the cayenne came out. it started life as a volkswagen coupe to be designed and built by porsche. VW ran out of money and porsche built it and slapped their name on it. It was powered by an engine from a volkswagen truck, was slow, and incredibly unreliable. The only people that think they're cool are the suckers that saw one for a grand on craigslist and bought it so they could tell all their friends that they just bought one of the fancy por-chees. Didn't become anything remotely resembly a decent car until Zuffenhausen got off their asses and built their own engines for it (ok, so they cut a 928 mill in half) and essentially reworked the entire rotten little beast. Most of the people that own them are white trash.
Gol-dang billy-ray, thar's one of dem fancy por-chees on craigslist!!! it says rightcher that its a "porsche 924s" . Imma buy it and put in the lawn next to the 79 camaro!!! hee haw! sis'll have to put out when she sees this!
by the mechanic October 23, 2008
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