of Graeco-Roman origin, Porny means to be horny for porn, thus PORNY!
Joaquin: Man dude, I'm really Porny!

Tyler: Dude, lets mouth kiss.

(awkward silence)
by Betty Grovenstein January 21, 2005
Your horny and want to watch porn and you talk dirty
Hey dude I'm gonna get porny with Maya
by Coco the stripper April 27, 2015
A cornier version of porn
"That slut liking her GUTTA is porny"

"Dad, can i get a porny?"
by LG-Lifes gay July 14, 2009
1. A fellow who primarily enjoys in the company of MPEGS featuring blond women getting it from horses.

2. Someone who would rather view porn then real people.
I've never seen that fellow there.
He looks nice, but he's really one of those pornies.

Tom is such a pornie; I asked him to come to the party, but he said he had to help his sister do her homework.
by The Mighty Z-Rex April 27, 2005
Only while watching porn you get a boner
when mike herring is watching gay porn he always gets a porny
by rhettzi August 30, 2011
A word used for when you feel horny and need to watch some pornography (porn)
Jim: Hey Bob, what did you do last night?

Bob: I felt really porny so I went on youporn and had a wank

Jim: I REALLY needed to know that..
by DAS122 July 06, 2011
Pornographic is a adverb to describe the graphic nature of a person, object, place or item. The adverb pornographic gets shorted to sound like slang but makes actual sense: porny.
That book is so porny anyone can write it.

I can't believe my porny fantasy gets me hard and erect.

That girl's ass looks so sexy I could feel like I can do porny things to her.
by Mr. Adrian Fairbanks November 18, 2010

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