When you're porn horny; when you crave to watch porn
Damn, i could really use some redtube right now cuz i'm quite porny.
by Miss23Here August 04, 2010
Top Definition
The desire to watch porn.
Tom:What do you want to watch today?

Bob: I dunno I'm feeling kinda porny today.
by bettinamae de mesa August 08, 2008
used to describe any object, person, place or action that is like porn, ie. tacky and slutty
"Have you seen Katie around? She's been acting very porny lately!!"

"Maybe you shouldn't wear those boots; they look rather porny."
by poo8384 June 10, 2006
A term used to describe pornography of the recently trending My Little Pony series. Amalgamation of "ponies" and "porn".

Usually a good way to piss off lesser or innocent bronies, while the truly dedicated My Little Pony fans will just fap to them.
Mods are asleep, post pornies!

by Zhs2 September 21, 2011
Horny for looking at online porn.
Yah, I'm porny too. I got an iphone so I can get a woody anytime now.
by All Grown UP August 16, 2010
A cornier version of porn
"That slut liking her GUTTA is porny"

"Dad, can i get a porny?"
by LG-Lifes gay July 14, 2009
Your horny and want to watch porn and you talk dirty
Hey dude I'm gonna get porny with Maya
by Coco the stripper April 27, 2015

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