Top Definition
The mindset most common among skanks, sluts, hoes, prostitutes, pornstars, etc.

This may include.
. Lack of common sense

. making ones stupidity evident in everyday conversation
. obvious slutty nature
. magnetic attraction to boys and or dick
.lack of clothing

.underwear of choice includes thongs or none whatsoever
. priorities include drinking/ drugs and sex.
. lack of education
You: man I don't wanna hate or anything but that girl is obviously rocking with a pornstar mentality

Friend: for real? how can u tell

You: well i mean besides the fact that I can see her thong from here; she didn't even know that their were 50 states.

Friend: true plus she offered drunken handjobs to every dude up at the party last night.

* generally look for an slut to find a prime example of the pornstar mentality
by x crazy up in here November 24, 2010

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