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A woman hot enough to be in a PORNO!
Damn, that bitch is so PORNABLE!
by pik2000 October 27, 2003
When a person is desirable enough to be put into a pornographic film.
Damn! That hot piece of jailbait is pornable!
by Jeremy Dowd January 09, 2006
The combination of the words porn and portable. Definition: the ability to carry your porn with you.
You say "Hey, with this new Pornable USB drive I can carry my porn with me, whenever and wherever I may need it." Friend says, "Dude, can I borrow it". You say "Get your own, tard!"
by Doctoroctos December 07, 2005
when somebody of the opposite sex is extreeeeeeeeeeeemly attractive and you wish to logisticate (please refer logisticate) and fornicate
that stripper sitting on that guys face is pornable
by Beef Cake March 20, 2005
For one to be horny.
I haven't gotten laid in so long, i'm very pornable.
by no... July 23, 2005
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