a typical Aussie bloke
he's such a porkchop... rugby, beer, and the ladies...
by steph August 04, 2004
Good eating.
Let's have pork chops for dinner tomorrow. Fried of course.
by saints_60426 November 13, 2003
socially inept, virgin, sober driver, usually male but in extreme cases can be female (although butch)
wow, that guy is such a pork chop!
by porkchop1234 January 08, 2009
to suck cock, a blow job, blowie,
''give us a pork chop love''
by pooty beavston September 08, 2007
A Helicopter owned and operated by the police department.
The pork chop was on us like stink on crap.
by Jenn Foerster February 21, 2007
adjective; a fat person
Screw you porkchop!
by zorak May 20, 2004
A police helicopter, used by the police.
We were walking downtown when we spotted a pork chop in the sky.
by Big Derek Big Time August 31, 2007

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