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socially inept, virgin, sober driver, usually male but in extreme cases can be female (although butch)
wow, that guy is such a pork chop!
by porkchop1234 January 08, 2009
6 56
A racist term refering to Puerto Rican people
Pork Chops like to steal, isn't that right Jaime?

Hey don't those Pork Chops hit my weed, they are scavanger smokers.

Hey isn't Fat Joe the rapper a Pork Chop?
by Jamie PuertoRican July 22, 2004
65 115
to suck cock, a blow job, blowie,
''give us a pork chop love''
by pooty beavston September 08, 2007
3 55
A Helicopter owned and operated by the police department.
The pork chop was on us like stink on crap.
by Jenn Foerster February 21, 2007
91 146
adjective; a fat person
Screw you porkchop!
by zorak May 20, 2004
64 121
A police helicopter, used by the police.
We were walking downtown when we spotted a pork chop in the sky.
by Big Derek Big Time August 31, 2007
68 128
A person of Portugese ancestry.
I went to Little Portugal and some pork chop spit in my eye.
by Bingo Charles July 31, 2003
164 233