Word used by stupid men in place of you're so gorgeous I could have an orgasm just looking at you!!!
"I know how you porkchops are"
by Angie Bolin January 06, 2005

Thanks to the many many racist people on Urban dictionary it is a derogitory term for someone of Portugese decent (like me)Often so as ''porch monkey'' What have you got aganist us? Is it because we tan easier than you do? We are not all stupid you know. Way to go sterotyping. Way to fucking go.
Stop calling me a porkchop you half-faced illirate fuck!
by Your Mom in a bikini July 13, 2006
A nick name that is often given to a fat person.
How you doing pork chop.
by The Fury 13 January 27, 2011
A fat persons rear end that is so saggy it forms a kind of point where the cheeks meet at the bottom.

Most often seen on a woman wearing a cheap, very bad fitting pair of trousers, even jeans, but can on occasion also be observed on similarly clothed men.
Hey lesley, look at the pork chop on that, she just put me off my dinner!
by Countess Fluffy Lizardpants April 13, 2010
A term used to describe and deliciously hot chick.
When Phyllis puts on those fish-net stockings and red lipstick, she totally pork chops!
by Clinto-beans July 13, 2006
an ugly girl
look at that ugly porkchop
by adadaa October 11, 2003
A slang term from cantonese and mandarin. meaning ugly fat girl, can be also used to insult women of being ugly.
Stupid pork chop get out my face, your ugliness is breaking me into tears
by lilxghettodragon July 12, 2005

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