Slang work for Dick, or the act of having sex with a woman.
Hey baby, what say you and me have a 3 way. You, me, and some of this Pork.
by doc hargrove September 01, 2008
Possibly the most disgusting food there is.
Considering all food from pigs is basically just fat. I throw up each time I try pork.
by xxxiiHax0rrzzz n00bxxxx a1mb0t April 27, 2009
Adj. Used to describe an extremely attractive woman between the ages of 18 and 30. Usually used by guys to inform other guy friends of one of these beautiful women.
Dude check that out....PORK ON THE LEFT!!!
by Corey Salyer September 10, 2007
To finger-fuck a woman, not neccessarily involving intercourse--in other words digital stimulation in the sense of digital equalling fingers and having a decidely analog meaning. Perhaps, an archaic usage but familiar to people in the Midwest, especially during the eighties where the journey from first base to home plate was a long and ardous task. See also smell my fingers, man. Also, refers to obese Missouri women as in corn-fed pork.
"Dude, by the end of the month I am totally going to do Cindy--I porked her last night in the car and I'm heading for home plate!"
"Cindy, but she's like total corn-fed pork dude! Can you even find the slit on that chick? Did you pork or did you spork her?"
by joshualawrence April 11, 2008
During Intercourse, jam your penis into the other person's anal cavity
My girlfriend was cheating on me and lied, so i porked her
by Falados September 21, 2007
affectionate name for a lover who is burly and likes to eat.
hi pork, you look so cute today i just want to eat you up.
by toots n. June 20, 2007
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