1. A word used to describe a chunkyguy.

2. A chunky/ other wise not bad looking white dude.

3. A dumb blonde male with over chunked ego.
"Damn that boy gettin big! What a pork-chop!"
"Yeah, he's a fat ass, but he's a cute little pork-chop!"
She was compelled to notice him, due to his stupidity and 'bad ass' attitude, "what a freakin pork-chop!"
by shirre February 09, 2005
a slang term for the male ejaculate used more commonly now that we have found out that there is the same amount of protein in an 8oz pork chop as there is in the average volume of male skeet.
-s, -ed, -ing
The pages were stuck together, so I asked my roommates, "who was bustin out porkchops to the new Maxim?"
by Iceman2480 August 05, 2007
Pork-chop is a kind of meat
very delicious, made in Poland
you can find those in european shops, or polish shops
guy1: hey dude i just ate some pork-chops
guy2:lucky,they're very delicious
guy1:want some?
guy2: yeah sure,wonder were they made them?
guy1: prolly in poland
by [cripz] April 02, 2007
Nickname granted only to the highest percentage of overweight popular kids. These kids are the ones that befriend cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds alike. He (Generally a man) is the absolute most awesome person anyone knows.
Jon: Do you guys know Porkchop?
Jared/James: Of course. that dude is so super beast. everyone knows him.
by Thechopthatdon'twannastop July 27, 2011
A woman using player who dates women of all ages in a fruitless attempt to get laid. This boy, or manwhore will emotionally manipulate any girl for sexual favors and validation/fufillment. This player burns through relationships like wildfire. Most Porkchops are overcompensating for their small sexual organs, but will never admit it. Approach a known Porkchop with caution, or not at all.
Yo, didja hear 'bout that Porkchop's new gurl?
Which one?
by SparkleUnicorn2010 February 23, 2011
verb: To cut off with a vehicle, in order to be first in line. Term commonly used by dump truck drivers to describe actions of immigrant drivers cutting them off enroute to quarries and other loading facilities.

noun: Immigrant dump truck driver.
Damn that dude porkchopped my ass right before the scale!

Look at that porkchop, he forgot to close his tailgate!
by dumptruckphil January 20, 2008
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