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Used to describe a bad fraternity brother.
Often used as an insult to Sigma Chi.

The Sigma Chi brother from Delmar who ax-murdered his father (and attempted to ax-murder his mom).
"Don't be like Porco."
"Yeah, he sucks, but at least he's not Porco."
"Haha, Sigma Chi kills their parents!"
by URDefining March 21, 2006
7 17
sxciest in the world
look at those porcos gettin all tha chicks
by WOG 4 LIFE October 10, 2003
9 28
Riccardo Skonflork
Riky disse: bluarrrrggggg ho fatto un macello
Seba disse: fuori da casa mia
by Caco April 10, 2003
8 35