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Porch Day originally occurred on May 24, 2009, when Lil Stew13 of's off-topic forum, The Flood, posted a thread:

Headline: A dog showed up on my porch; what do I do?

Body: I can't keep it because my family has too many dogs. It is a little puppy that we think somebody dumped at our house. I've been petting it and got it some water, and we are getting it some food. What else should I do? Nobody has came looking for it yet.

The Flood quickly took a hold of this, and made dozens of parody threads. On May 24th, The Flood Forum was filled with Porch related threads. This resulted in dozens of bans, and a new Flood holiday: Porch Day.
Member of Hey guys remember Porch Day?

#porch #porch day #bungie #flood forum #the flood
by kyxha March 15, 2010
An outdoor Friday afternoon gathering to celebrate what is best about America, the world, and life.
We threw a porch day today. It involved a two-story beer bong, four kegs, and an inflatable slide the size of a house.
#party #celebration #joy #happiness #america #college #sunshine
by pluralist8 February 12, 2011
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