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Popwellville is a small "community" in Brantley County. I say community but we do not even have our own zip code, we share with Hortense. It is not uncommon to see people engaging in the following activities: riding fourwheelers, standing in the front yard drinking beer, smoking weed around a bonfire, cussing at you for driving down the dirtroad to fast, children giving you the finger because you looked at them, or sitting on the front porch waving at the people driving by. People in Popwellville who have central heating/air conditioning with a satellite are known as the rich/stuck-up people. Also if you have a job in which taxes are being taken out you are not making an honest living. You need to make/sell meth, grow weed, make moonshine or try to fuck other people out of there money. It is charming community and a great place to raise children.
"The big city of Brunswick is not a good place to start having children we need to move to a place where they can learn chemistry and Popwellville, Georgia."
by 04BrantleyC December 15, 2011

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