Cocky brats who think they are better than everyone else.
Popular Kids-Were so much cooler than you.
by Killerhaze07 May 15, 2016
Boys- The popular boys usually play sports, except for the "funny" one. They are usually in NIKE sportswear and are the envy of every other guy, mainly because they know the pretty girls.

girls- they are always up on the fashion andusually never have bad hair. Their skin glows and is usually acne free. Popular girls usually have that glow of confidence that everyone notices, they always look good no matter what. They can usually be found parading around school in cheer leading uniforms or Varsity Softball jackets.

almost populars- The kids who know all the popular kids and can sometimes fit in with the group. Some of the popular kids are still mean to them but most arent. They might be tjust a little too wierd or awkward to make the cut of being popular.

Summary- popular kids are the kids who everyone looks at with envy. They have the right friends, right parties, the right style, the right everything.
look in your schools hallways and find the kids who are fashionable, goodlooking, and always seem to be having fun. because those are the popular kids.
by MissiParks June 12, 2012
People who are often used as scape goats by kids he feel out of place in high schools. Usually singled out for being more succesful and happy with themselvs.
Emo Kid- I hate popular people because they are all conformist pigs who aren't unique

me-No, no, no. You are just jelous that they are more succesful and happy about themselvs. I am not popular but I don't go and bitch about what they are doing because I can enjoy life
by free thought master June 22, 2005
Kids who are hated by geeks and rejects because of jealousy. The jealous kids may say things like "I could be popular if i wanted to" but they know they can't. After all, it's not the popular kids' fault the geeks act strange and wear wierd clothes.
The popular kids aren't so bad once you get to know them.
by *The Boss* June 23, 2006
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