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This is made orginally by Shreya from Ho Co:

It starts off with the movie ” Pirates of the Carbiean”. In the movie. While chasing… that girl, Elizabeth Swan... A pirate says ” Ello, Poppit” Thus, me loving the movie, I used ” Ello poppit” in school. It was my new “word”. Then, as you know, there is a puppet and its master, a puppitier. This forms The Poppitier. After that, new names were formed. Such as, poopit, pokeit, poopitier, and pokeitier. This was added to Cablumey Language. Poppitier basicaly mean some cool person who controls all.
There are other ranks. Such as pokeitiers controling everyting except poppitiers and poopitiers controlong everyting except poppitiers and pokeitiers.Etc…
Look at the hot Poppitier, she is so cool.

The Grand Master Poppitier is Shreya, she owns all.
by Shreya the Great November 03, 2006
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