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Refers to when a devilishly sly guy asks a girl if he can Pop Her Hood . Poppin The Hood is basically when a guy gets it in on with a girl ...Her Hood being her Female Sex Organ .
This is really a figurative term only a very dirty , naughty and car obsessed (usually foreign) guy would use .
This kind of talk drives some girls crazy (in a good way) and makes some other girls run for the hills ...So guys be aware when you use this term and with whom . (Note: There have been some studies to suggest that this type of talk works on some sexy , older , hot mama types but it's really hit or miss )
Victor ~ " I was Poppin The Hood last nite "

Nick ~ "Ya rite , who's ?"

Victor ~ "Gentlemen never kiss and tell " ;)
by Popped January 23, 2013

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