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This phrase, refers to the common practice of the preconceived notion of sleeping with an easy girl, just to get your D wet. The girl that we all know: If you want to sleep with her, you can, but you probably don't even want to. Commonly referred to as "hoodrats" these girls are common slues that are easier to sleep with than a roofied chick.
"Hey Jensen, are you poppin champagne tonight?"
"Yeah dude, that Alicia girl on first floor I think."
"Watch out for her lobster pot!"
by Mr. McVey April 20, 2009
While masturbating, when you are about blow a load you cap the end of your dick and keep going. Once you cannot go any longer and you remove your finger from the end of your dick you cumshot becomes much longer
Dude that chick was so annoying she was practically asking me to be poppin champagne right in her face.
by A-Rocket January 13, 2010
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