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A walking std, burnt toast, 1 with an extremely small penis, also extremely broke..
Look at that poppie walking down the street
by pedo bear666 October 19, 2008
21 51
"Paps", "My Father" "Oh, Loved One"
Cheers to Poppie
So I saw my Poppie today. He is an eccentric man. He likes to tell me about his days in Dieppe where he was shot 50 times and then died.

by rowfae July 17, 2003
79 35
An enthusastic fan of "Pop Will Eat Itself" (PWEI).
often seen talking about said band, and currently explaining said band to person listening, because they may not have heard of them. (PWEI was around as early as the mid eighties, with a slew of sounds. Best described as a sampling rock band with political passion towards the end)
"Poppies are on patrol!" -song
"look at that daft poppie going on like she can convert that person into a fan."
by we'llseestars June 15, 2005
25 54