Slang term for amyl nitrite (not "nitrate" - this is a common misconception). Commonly used as a recreational drug to cause sensations of euphoria in conjunction with stimulant drugs and dance music. Alternatively used during sex to give feelings of disinhibition, as well as relaxing smooth muscle. It is sold in small glass bottles under such names as "Liquid Gold" or "Rush", and marketed as a "room odoriser". Its sale is not illegal in many jurisdictions.

Originally used as a treatment for angina (as it relaxes the muscles in artery walls), it came in small glass vials that were broken open (making a "popping" sound).
"Look at the poppers scabs on that dude's nose over there!"
by Psydoc January 26, 2009
poppers: A small glass bottol filled with solvents that when sniffed gives a big shake to your brain because the solvents rises blood preasure so you may feel your heart beat very loud in your ears and feel your vains pump in your neck, most people get a high from it. The sensation in poppers may leave in a few minutes. It is not an addictable drug but is against the law if used with out doctor prescription.
sniffer 1. "bruv sniff some of this shit, its raw
sniffer 2. "rah bwoi wat is this next stuff?"
sniffer 1. "sum good smelling poppers"
sniffer 2. "but what if the fed come?"
sniffer 1. "bruv i'll say i gotta' prescription..."
by mana_x September 24, 2005
Less commonly referred to as a yacht, a popper is a method in smoking marijuana in which the smoker packs tobacco under his weed. Common methods of packing poppers include cutting part of a cigarette off (about a 1/4 centimeter or more) and putting it in a metal tube, known as the popper piece or popper cannon, which you will use as a replacement for your downstem. The cigarette will get stuck, then you pack however much weed you want on top of it. Another method of packing a popper is to use a normal down-stem and bowl, and squeeze the tobacco out of the end of the cigarette into your bowl, then packing the weed on top. To smoke a popper, you pull very slowly, making the smoke come out very thick. This is known as milking the smoke. Once the marijuana is almost completely burnt, you start to pull much faster, burning the rest of the marijuana, and all the tobacco, and pulling all the ash into the water. As soon as the bowl piece has no more weed or tobacco in it, you pull the bowl out and breathe in all the smoke. Some pros about smoking poppers is that you get your high almost instantly after you smoke the bowl, and the huge head rush you get, similar to taking a massive drag off of a cigarette. There are also downsides to smoking poppers, which include the terrible effect it has on your lungs after taking poppers for months and months. It also makes your bong get very dirty, covered with resin all over the inside of the glass, which is also very hard to clean.
Yo man, you down to rip some poppers?
I'm always down to take some pops man, count me in!
by poppers4lyfe June 06, 2013
A foul and unholy method of smoking sweet marijuana involving cramming a piece of tobacco, into a small resin coated metal tube, and putting a small, neigh insignificant amount of marijuana, on top. You may as well just bong toke a cigarette.

Opposite of BTFJ ( Bong toke for Jesus )
Phil: Yo man, this shits trippin me out. I keep coughin black shit
M.Kraken: That's cause you been hitting a shit load of poppers lately.
Mary Jane: And forgotten about me, remember Phil? btfj? whens the last time we burned a spliff?

Phil: Fuck man, talkin pot. I gotta stop hittin those things.
by Kindred Smoke October 09, 2009
A way of smoking weed with a bong but instead of a bowl a cylinder usually aluminum narrow tube the width of a cigarette is used the smoke cuts or rips a small piece of a cigarette with the paper still on it off and puts it inside one end of the tube, then the tube is either dapped or packed depending on the type of tube with weed ,then it is placed in the down stem of the bong (sometimes the tube doesn't come out of the bong so it would be packed in then) (other times the bong does not have a down steam and just a very long tube) once this is done it's ready to light .once lit inhale on the bong slowly untill the popper starts to turn completly red (this is called Cherrying) then inhale hard untill it moves down the tube and in to the bong .clearing all the smoke from the bong is not really necessary because the last bit of smoke is tobaco smoke and will taste gross then remove the tube blow out the extra tobacco smoke other wise known as (the poop) and reload another popper. a popper will get you higher then any other way of smoking weed
oh man i hit like 20 poppers last night and i was soo cooked i ate 2 pizzas to myself
by caperboy July 29, 2014
A method of smoking marijuana and tobacco using a popper piece. A popper piece consists of a long cylindrical tube, like the piece in your bong, just without the bowl. Take a cigarette and cut off a small portion and shove it straight down into the piece leaving a gap of space on top to pack marijuana into. Pack the marijuana in as tight as possible. Light up and brew slowly, until its all cherried, then suck hard, pulling it all through the piece, making it 'pop' :D
Jon : Man, I love poppers so much! I get right fucked up

Matt : Fuck yeah !
by SmitsJon September 16, 2009
a capsule or pill of an alkyl nitrite(the use of this drug was most known among gay man and recreational drug users)
That popper is a potentially dangerous idea.
by The Return Of Light Joker July 18, 2008
A term on the carnival for a concession trailer.
Martin got me some cotton candy from that popper
by conkolives July 29, 2011

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