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Amyl Nitrate. Refers to a small, usually brown bottle of solvents or the solvents themselves, which are sniffed, usually during homosexual sex by the bottom. Amyl Nitrate boosts blood pressure, relaxing the anus and making anal sex more comoftable. Also known as snappers.
Man, that guy uses poppers so much, i could fit my fist in his hole!
#poppers #popper #amyl nitrate #viagra #anal sex
by mash92587 October 29, 2005
a substance that is commonly used in sexual intercourse, mostly but not exclusivley in the gay comunity because poppers help to relax the anal muscles (crucial in anal intercourse) which makes it easier to achieve succesful penetration.
last night this guys dick was so big that we needed poppers and lube to get it up the ass.
#poppers #used #during #anal #sex
by bigbadboy June 13, 2006
a watter bottle with a metal tube, you put a bit of dope and tobbacco(crack,sitch,tobe) then you smoke it slowly till it pops and pulls through into the water....
I like too hit Poppers!
#dope #crack #poppers #sitch #tobe
by smurfis November 21, 2005
Slang term for amyl nitrite (not "nitrate" - this is a common misconception). Commonly used as a recreational drug to cause sensations of euphoria in conjunction with stimulant drugs and dance music. Alternatively used during sex to give feelings of disinhibition, as well as relaxing smooth muscle. It is sold in small glass bottles under such names as "Liquid Gold" or "Rush", and marketed as a "room odoriser". Its sale is not illegal in many jurisdictions.

Originally used as a treatment for angina (as it relaxes the muscles in artery walls), it came in small glass vials that were broken open (making a "popping" sound).
"Look at the poppers scabs on that dude's nose over there!"
#poppers #amyl #nitrite #nitrate #butyl #isobutyl #rush #odoriser #sex #anal #drug
by Psydoc January 26, 2009
To combine marijuana and cigarettes in the same hit by inserting a small piece of cigarette in to an unbowled piece, then burning it until it pops giving you a more intense high...
Yo im soooooo fucked from hitting poppers all night...gotta sit down...
by alex g May 15, 2005
taking a cut off a cigarette, putting it inside a pop piece (same as a normal piece but no bowl peice) and then stamping weed on top of it. Then smoke it with a bong but pull slowly till you've almost cleared it and then pull hard and you'll hear a "pop"
"aww man that pop gave me the biggest headrush" "yoo lets rip some poppers tonight"
#weed #bong #smoking #marijuana #pops #smokes #cigarette #cig #popper #headrush
by PopFiend September 25, 2011
You take a bong and a metal "shaft". You take a cigarette, and cut a small piece off. Put the piece of tobe in the shaft so the paper holds in the weed. Bust up some herb and take a couple stamps. Put the popper shaft or popper piece whatever in the bong. Light it for a couple seconds than take a big hit and pull it into the bong. if you do it right it should all go into the water and make a popping noise. Thats why it's called a popper. Enjoy!
Man those poppers got me so fucked last night, i went straight to bed after
#yacht #poppers #bowl #bong #weed
by popper lover 420 August 19, 2012
Comes in many forms, but generally a little bottle bought from a sex shop or 'alternative' establishment with specific instructions on it NOT to inhale it deeply through the nose, which is precisely what people do with it!

Used by clubbers and teens to elicit a brief, short lived high and longer lived sense of being naughty, or by anyone trying to insert large objects up their anus for pleasure when not yet in possession of a mangina, thanks to its muscle relaxant qualities.
Migraine in liquid form.
Ere son, take a sniff of this and think of England!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
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