The Pope of Dope is undoubtedly Pablo Escobar, the Colombian cartel kingpin.
The Pope of Dope could beat up the regular pope any old day
by Pope of Dope April 29, 2004
Top Definition
Is none other than Albert Hofmann who discovered LSD. After ingesting LSD Hoffman Was called the pope of dope by the hippie subculture in the 1960s after trying to spread its use to thousands of people.
The Pope of Dope just arrived in town with a van full of lsd!!!
by Esantana89 August 29, 2008
1) head of a drug cartel
2) Idiot who is a fanatic of consuming drugs
1) You don't want to get on the pope of dope's bad side, trust me...
2) He's sniffs so much cocaine he is a real pope of dope
by you need not know June 17, 2003
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