The new pope, well, he's not that new, I can tell that the new pope smell is starting to wear off and catholics are getting back to their lives.
damn, the new pope smell is great, but seriously, it wears off pretty fast.
by Brian August 02, 2005
The new Pope of the Catholic church, chosen today
Benedict XVI is the news Pope.
by CROATIAN April 19, 2005
the newest and most nazi pope for twenty years
he has the eyes of a killer
by stanislaus April 26, 2005
All I could say about him, He is a good man that cares about world peace, love and charity. A man of God. Pope Benedict XVI. Anything he says is right,if he wants to bash gay marriage he can. Abortion sucks! Sex education only encourages immature teens to have sex for their lustful habbits. Long live the Pope.
Pope Benedict XVI is a man of good intentions that writes more books than Richard Dawkins.
by Runner Bulldog 2 February 18, 2009
A man who many thought to be very brave until he decided to apologize for remarks about the Islamic faith that were very true. This apology proved Mr. Ratzinger, aka Pope BenedictXVI, a complete coward.
"The Muslims are attacking! Where's Pope Benedict XVI? Oh wait. He's hiding!"
by tinklemint September 25, 2006
New pope, was in the Hitler Youth. Deserted from the German army.


Basically a more extreme version of the old pope.
Pope Benedict XVI, welcome to power.
by poopoomoomoo May 09, 2005

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