A dead famous guy that we really should care bout cuz people day every day.
(Person 1) Pope John Paul II died dude!
(Person 2) So what James, Tommy, and Eric were all gunned down just 3 days ago and no one gave a shit bout them.
(Person 1) Dude you're gonna go to hell for that.
(Person 2) Fuck you and that dead fuck.
by JX13 April 04, 2005
Top Definition
The greatest pope of our time. He visited many countries, helped to end communism,and even forgave the guy who shot him. He ran rings around all of his predecessors.
Pope John Paul the Great will be greatly missed.
by Longislandguy April 04, 2005
1) One of the greatest men to every walk the earth.
2) Utmost respected by not only the Catholic Religion but others including Judaism and Islam.
3) Considered by many to be the greatest man alive until his death on April 2, 2005.
4) Earned the respect of billions of the world's population.
Pope John Paul II will be made a saint.
by Will-I-Am2 May 04, 2005
The Leader of the Catholic Church from 1979-2005.

He was shot May 13, 1981, but survived.

He died April 2, 2005 in the Vatican City.
The Pope was a great man to all Catholics.
by Chase April 02, 2005
Definitley one of the greatest men in History, and one of the people who helped end the cold war.
I am Agnostic, but i still belive that Pope John Paul II was a good man.
by MoistTowlette April 25, 2008
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