Lving proof that that the Germans are still moving in on former Polish held Territories.
Pope Benedict XVI used to serve in the german army
by Numb Knuts August 16, 2006
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Ultimate Sith Lord.
Darth Benedict or Emperor Palpatine in disguise
rose to power after throwing Darth john paul down a mine shaft.
Pope Benedict XVI is just a cover
''fools,everything is happening ,just as I planned''.(manic laugh)
by Spock! June 01, 2006
Formerly Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, successor of John Paul II. So far he hasn't done much; but that's why he as chosen. The Conclave didn't want another long papacy. (It should be noted that he entered the Hitler youth when membership was complusory. He didn't have a choice in the matter.)
Pope Benedict XVI wears a funny hat.
by Johnny Pseudonym August 02, 2005
Our Sovereign Pontiff and Lord Pope Benedict XVI(aka, the omniscient "Darth Benedict"/"SithEmperor"), Successor of Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Vicar of Christ, Visible Head of the Church on Earth & Father of Princes and Kings: Only He has the Will and Power to restore Western Civilisation & Christendom.
Our Sovereign Pontiff & Lord Pope Benedict XVI is now upon the Leonine Throne..."The Empire Strikes Back"!!!
by matt8869 February 01, 2008
the new pope. even more backward and conservative than the last one.

was a member of Hitler youth, most dumbasses saying this was a choice. ummm dude, if HITLER was the leader of your country i don't think you had much of a choice as a young child whether to be in Hitler Youth or not.
you're a complete dumbass if you think the new pope was an actual nazi. yeah like they'd ever vote in a pope who was a literal nazi.
by dud3r June 05, 2005
1. Possibly the worst pope of the modern age. He's ultraconservative, a fur-wearer, a former Nazi, and lets celibate freaks in funny clothes molest and/or rape children, especially boys.
2. Someone who massively resembles the Sith Lord.
Pope Benedict XVI is evil.
by FuckBenedick16 June 28, 2010
The current Pope. Hobbies include spreading hypocritical bullcrap across the universe and letting his friends butt-fuck deaf 8 year olds. Also, he fought with the Nazi's in World War 2. But still, he's looked at as the successor of Jesus.
Pope Benedict XVI knows he's screwed when he longs for the days where people only though he was a Nazi, and not a power-crazy pedophile.
by MC Hammer'd April 22, 2010
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