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A form of pseudo-gamer that only plays what is famous or popular at the time such as Bioshock, Assassins Creed, CoD:MW, CoD: WaW, CoD:MW2, CoD:BO. A "pop-gamer" is not deffined mainly by what he/she plays but by what he/she plays and a lack of knowledge or playtime with other games meaning that one who plays Black Ops yet could still tell you what Aprature Science is and what series and company made it and has played through Unreal and not just played Unreal Tourney '03/'04 and could not tell you the original name of Mario and what game he first cameo'd in.
Player 1: "Hey, want to play some CSS, I can make a quick server."

Player 2: "What is CSS?"

Player 1: "Counter Strike: Source."

Player 2: "What is Counter Strike: Source?"

*Player 1 sends link to Steam store page*

Player 2: "I only play Black Ops for 360 right now."

Player 1: "You are a total pop-gamer..."
by tbclycan January 07, 2011
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