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A delicious, glazed, doughnut-hole snack treat manufactured by the Entenmann's company. Also available in powdered.
Upon the realization that no one will allow a middle-aged, comic book reading, stoner freak who lives in his parents basement as the franchise manager to the leading bacon, marshmallow, and cheese milkshake manufacturing company run by large breasted Asian prostitutes in the standard issue uniform of wet t-shirts, g-strings, and stiletto heels, I crumbled into a metaphorical cocoon of unceasing apathy and soul crushing defeat as I watched my bootleg DVD of Krull, wept, and fantasized, once more, about taking a nail gun and going to town on the patrons of the local Blimpies...and eating Pop 'ems!
by Razorglove February 04, 2010
When a guy gets a boner very quickly. It's not a full boner, just a quick partially hard one.
Me: Dude when our teacher Ms. Bag walked in i got a Pop Em'
Eddy: Nice one man! I did too!
by dj189 August 23, 2010
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