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Lethal man-made compound utilized for boosting the yield of an SBD, thereby elevating said SBD to Pootron Bomb level.

Pootronium can be created by ingesting several known combinations of legumes, cruciferous vegetables, and cough medicine.

It is theorized that Thai food, Hefeweizen, eggs, oats, and fresh basil can also be utilized to enhance lethality and boost yield potential.
Lawrence: <yawns> "What are you having for breakfast Eugene?"

Eugene: <sneezes> "Oh, I thought a nice heaping bowl of Cracklin Oat Bran and some left over steamed broccoli would help my immune system fight off this cold. The NyQuil I took won't be enough."

Lawrence: <face turns sheet white> "Sweet jumpin' Jesus Eugene! Good thing I'm working this morning. You're brewin' a steaming batch of pootronium."
by SwordofDamocles November 24, 2010
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