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A "silent, but deadly" fart that is so heinous, it clears an entire room of people in mere moments. Worse, it lingers far longer than a run-of-the-mill SBD, preventing occupation of said afflicted room for several minutes. It's ability to empty an area of all living things is legendary - and feared.

The likelihood of dropping such a lethal package is greatly increased by ingesting copious amounts of oats and/or beans - especially when also taking NyQuil.

The flatulence equivalent of a Neutron Bomb. Also known as the DefCon 4 of SBDs.
Felix: Dude, why did everyone run screaming out of the gameroom? Could it have something to do with the fact the gameroom now smells like a dirty diaper?

Chester: Yeah, that fat slob Bosco dropped a brutal fizzart! That was ten minutes ago, and it still smells like ass in there.

Felix: Damn, that's a fucking Pootron Bomb!
by SwordofDamocles November 24, 2010
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