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A word to express one’s disappointment in a martini drink or refusal of a bar to mix one. Often utilized by drunken single moms wanting to experiment with a Martini. Especially popular in the City of Calgary, Canada.

“Pootini” is developing into a very popular assertion amongst single parents that just want to go out, get drunk and get their pants off.
Barman: "No lady, we don't do that flavour martini mix here!"

MILF: "Oh pootini!"

MILF 1: Be careful of mixing that tequila with the Martini...the god forsaken-panty removing tequila!
MILF 2: "Oo Well I don't often say no to anything that ends in 'tini' unless it tastes like a Pootini!
by Mac the Knife February 24, 2012

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