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A scooter used to ride the pooter also known as the reproductive female organ. A.k.a the puss
I rode the pooter scooter so hard this morning up and down the block before work.
by Pooterscooter0420 November 10, 2011
The action of rubbing a mans penis between a womans legs while she kicks one leg, like shes on a scooter.

Also known as: "Putting Mayonnaise on The Hot Dog" or "The Banana Rubber"

Ryan: "Your grandmas lips are so big, she gives a mean pooter scooter"
Everyone: "Gross"
by DickBurns May 06, 2014
A wheel chair that you can sit in move around, but you can also hover over the toliet and go to the restroom.
Grandma needs to use a "Pooter Scooter now.
by GiGi Bug November 19, 2008
its a scooter made out of assholes
while scooters are fun toys for kids, pooter scooters are more directed for mature audiences
by iwillpootyourscoot December 18, 2008