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Something that is fantastically shitty
You just recieved a speeding fine! 'Oh just pootastic'

Aren't you happy it is time for work! 'well how Pootastic for me'
by propart June 08, 2009
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Adjective describing something that is disappointing or crappy.
Tom Cruise's performance in Vanilla Sky was pootastic.
by aezell November 23, 2007
The state of being incredibly pooish.
Person 1: Dude, Caroline is being so pootastic!
Person 2: Seriously, what's her deal?
by bobert47 September 01, 2008
The opposite of fantastic; horrible
Guy 1: "I'm having a fantastic day!"

Guy 2: "I'm having a poo-tastic day it totally sucks"
by idkperson;) p May 20, 2015

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