Top Definition
Something that is fantastically shitty
You just recieved a speeding fine! 'Oh just pootastic'

Aren't you happy it is time for work! 'well how Pootastic for me'
by propart June 08, 2009
Adjective describing something that is disappointing or crappy.
Tom Cruise's performance in Vanilla Sky was pootastic.
by aezell November 23, 2007
The state of being incredibly pooish.
Person 1: Dude, Caroline is being so pootastic!
Person 2: Seriously, what's her deal?
by bobert47 September 01, 2008
The opposite of fantastic; horrible
Guy 1: "I'm having a fantastic day!"

Guy 2: "I'm having a poo-tastic day it totally sucks"
by idkperson;) p May 20, 2015
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