When you're eating out a girl who hasn't shaved her 'self' and she looks down at you and it's just from your nose up and hair below, and it looks as though you have a big ol' moustache.
Boy: "Ewww she's hairy!"
Girl: "Haha, you have a pootash."
by Chris Poke December 21, 2005
when you have a crap and you get bits of poo stuck to the hairs on your arse
"aah, i had a really run shit this morning and my pootash has been saw all day- i can't stop picking it!"
by Mr Whippy January 09, 2004
A girl that has a hairy bum ring and needs a shave.
person 1: so how did it go last nite?

person 2: lets just say she had a poo tash.
by Tipsy n Scratch November 21, 2006

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