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When someone wipes their fingers between the flaps on their anus, and happy slaps a ''Bag-Head Jim'' Also known to be wiped inside the anus of a Pigeon.
''See that homeless guy''
''Im gonna give him a phat sweaty pootash''
by Ripples69 January 12, 2013
1 0
smelly top lip the smell that sticks with you for life!
When you wipe your finger up your ass crack and then slid across your best pal/partner's top lip for the laugh!!!! This is a Poo Tash.....THEY WONT LAUGH BUT YOU'LL PISS YOUR SELF!!!
by Net & Scott The Power November 10, 2006
64 30
When you get a lump of your poo on your finger, an rub it under someone's nose.
"Hay Sam, I just pootashed that kid so now all he can smell is shite all day."
by Dickhead July 19, 2003
45 11
When someone has a tash (not a proper one) and doesn't shave it off. Normally on pubescent teen boys
"Did you see that guy today Lilly?"
"Yeah, he had a pootash ugh, no one likes pootashes"
by pootie1990 August 26, 2009
8 6
Facial hair that is primarily constructed from someone elses faeces...
My gosh your pootash is looking yellow, is it made from John's shit (poo poo)?

Err yes!!! oh look a piece of sweetcorn!!!

by Terry the STI ferry February 25, 2006
7 5
A pre-puberty moustache where a young boy cannot grow a moustache properly only small bum fluff hair grows on the upper lip.

Never shaved off because generally the young boy has not been taught how to shave.
"That boy has a pootash"
"Ewwww, thats gross"
by yehnwutuhvapoptash October 22, 2011
1 1
muppet twat loser pussy
use to disrespect
hurt others feeling
light hearted banter
you a fucked up sweaty poohtash
up yours fucking two bit pootash
take it like a pootash
by andy pope April 19, 2008
1 8