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Poontang - noun - of or pertaining to the female genitalia;
Example: Go get you some pootang boy.
by disturbed April 06, 2004
462 111
Another name for pussy
Friend-No I can't fight him, "I'm on probation"
Me-You Pootang!
by FiLaBoY May 27, 2006
219 142
poo tang is what us men like to call the land of pussy
"u gunna get some poo tang tonight?" "hell yea"
by smity April 14, 2006
126 56
a girls puussy, box, vagina, or twat
dude if i play my cards right tonight i might get some of jessicas poo tang
by cj nucca September 19, 2007
45 19
Any kind of good pussy!!!
That bitch had some poo-tang!!!
by Stacie F. Baby February 07, 2008
31 13
1.Something a gay man in denial might say.
2.A female genital.
Gay man-I'm not gay I love pootang"
Guy- "Dude why you grab my ass"
by Nunya March 26, 2005
159 166
refers to virgin pussy
hey, that girl's got a pootang!
by Hoe, Bitch, Skank March 08, 2005
58 86