(verb) to use a Pooter to collect small insects.
Yo, professor, I'm off to poot some insects, brb.
by Manface McGee June 18, 2008
Pooting or coming. when u get off! lol
Boi: that chik makes me poot!
Girl: i so dnt need to no that!
by xXSlightlyOddGirlXx April 07, 2008
Just like shart a poot, is a when you fart, and shit comes out along with it, except in the poop, toot, form.
The look the teacher gave Johnny made him poot.
by glue is crazy May 19, 2006
The lump looking area under an obeise persons belt area.
"Man that guy has a poot under his belt!"
by eatinbrisketsisasport February 26, 2006
The ridge that runs down the middle of a man's scrotum.
He made her lick his poot, which ticled him so.
by Sean Chris November 21, 2005
1) a poop fart combonation
2) a stupid person
3) something fun to say whille ur stoned
1) yo i jsut did a big poot
2) your beeing a poot face 100
3) poot magoot
by scoots November 07, 2004
An animal fart!
My dog ate bacon so he pooted a lot this morning.
by Stacy March 17, 2004

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