the person formerly known as the rook/kardiac kid/the phantom.
my name is poot.-as said by poot
by isaac December 14, 2004
a faint release of internal gases, what gang gang calls people that aren't sweetpies
i just pooted in his mouth!!

ur a poot and im a sweetpie!
by kboheezy December 06, 2004
A female fart or one of light and airy tone with mild smell.
She couldn't have farted, because girls poot!
by warewoof September 11, 2003
1. Exclaimation when you score a point by putting your arm through a "natural circle" in the opponent's body, typically when they are standing with their hands on their hips, and you approach from the rear.
2. The game. It has so far lasted two years. We don't know the score. We have no idea who is playing, and who isn't.
by Steve Lewis July 29, 2003
An exclamation, usually said when things do not go the speaker's way.
Variation: pooty
"Well poot! I really wanted to go there today, but it's closed..."
by Tatari June 10, 2003
A fart, with which comes the uncertianity of taking a shit simultaniously.
O god, I think I'm going to poot!
by The nazi of Yatzee November 07, 2002
(n.) Used to describe a manly induvidual. Person who is of extreme manliness.
"Those guys triceps are ripped. What a poot!"
by ManlyScot123 August 11, 2009

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