A ho or slut, someone who gets around.
That denise girl ia a poot.
by Favilicious April 04, 2003
a word to describe your sisters.
I swear, that Faythie, Linda Gail, Shannie, Beckster and Janet are poots! (could also be poot blossoms depending on your mood)
by Joycie Gaye June 19, 2006
Poot has been known as the lack of a male sexual genatle. Also to be known as somthing that rymes with 'woot'
Wow, that guy has a poot.

Woot to the Poot and in the boot!
by Jessen July 02, 2003
a term used to describe a bitch or a mean person: also to describe someone who is just gay or stupid
someone else: "i hate you, you smell bad!!"
me: "shut up you poot!"
by henry hennessy February 13, 2004
noun;1.A very hary grey vagina aproxamatly 5'tall and 1.5' wide.2.A talking vagina.
1.You are a very stinky poot!2.Shut up you poot!
by otherkid September 17, 2005
half of the url of PootPoot.com, a web site that takes a web site you give and turns all of its text into gibberish. Hilarious, go try.
Also: pootify
Dude, I just pootified CNN.com! How pooting poot poot poot?
by stwongbayd March 18, 2004
And old english term for a retarded child or one having any sort of disability
"yo man, i fucked this blind poot"

"fucking poot broke his walker"
by EXPLOSIVE ICED TEA November 20, 2003

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