to make sweet and sensual love to a woman
to have sex with
I am trying to poot with that
I would poot
yo girl, let me poot
by Greg Gosselin November 28, 2007
a name for a goofy friend who falls a lot.
Nooph is Bon Jon's poot.
by Bon Jon March 23, 2005
a small fart, kinda gassy type...
that poot smells
by steve-o December 05, 2003
Poot is a word that has a diffrent meaning in every area of the country, and world. To me, poot is somthing you say when you are just happy...
1. HAHA! Tim just asked me out! I'm gonna go write POOT on my tummy! :-D POOOOOOOT!
by :-) April 01, 2005
A term meaning Pull Out On Time, in refrence to sex where the man pulls out before impregnating the woman. Popularized on the Elliot in the morning show.
"Come on dude, did u poot" "Naw man i'm in troble, my wife's gona kill me"
by ACE man September 03, 2005
foriegner for 'put'

foriegner not as in sitting on your hand
until it goes numb
and then to procede to wring your rag.

i poot on your belly. okay?
by featurelessface April 28, 2006
poot for those of you who really want to know, is Pennsylvania Dutch slang for an errant weed gone to seed-especially the wind carried seeds of a Dandelion or milk weed pod. I'm sure its origin can be traced back to a similiar word in the High German of the Palatinate of 300 years ago.
"The young girl earnestly made a wish, then sent the poots adrift with the force of one breath."
by pootlover March 22, 2004

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