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A dirty penis following anal sex.
That is really great bunghole you have there Sally... Now I have to go clean my poostick.
by G-Money-G February 10, 2010
a game played by childen in the winny the poo stories, it involves dropping 2 or more sticks into a river off of a bridge, the fist to get out the other side winns
lets go play poosticks
Stick used to break up your poo in the toilet because its too big to fit down the hole.
My sister Beth used a toothbrush as a poostick.
by Mikeypoo March 08, 2005
... how to play "poo sticks" ...
find some doggy poo and a stick , put the doggy poo on the end of the stick then chase your mates and try to wipe it on them ...
hey dude , look at the size of this turd , anyone fancy a game of poo sticks ........
by J.J.M January 07, 2008
A stick made of poo.......................
It's a poo stick! (from that gay ass Persil advert)
by August 12, 2006
Poostick is sly insult to those who oppose liking the opposite sex. Only said to Homosexuals and those who have engaged in the odd sexual contact with their own gender, being called a Poostick is like the Matt Damon of the insult world.
Matt put his Poostick in you? OH THATS DIRTY!!!
by pneburnsy November 14, 2010
Low quality hashish often containing plastic.
Couldn't get any weed, only poostick. This poostick is bloody harsh, I think I'd rather smoke topleaf.
by xXSmilerXx May 22, 2009
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