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A.) Greek in origin, "Poopydorou" is typically a verb however, it can also be reflected as noun or adjective when used in an effort to best describe the act of suddenly or without due notice having to take a crap outside one's regular routine.

B.) Can also be used to describe the act of taking a particularly smelly poop in a less than desirable location.
1. Verb: After scarfing a Whopper I almost Poopydorou'd in my pants.

2. Adjective: Street meat, a swelteringly hot Jays game and 3 giant beers a Poopydorou makes.

3. Noun: It's virtually impossible to predict the onset of a Poopydorou. One can only hope and pray that it never happens to them and is in turn reserved exclusively for mortal enemies.

1. Sorry about that, I think I might be lactose intolerant. I've been Poopydorou'ing in the 13th floor bathroom all day.

2. I know a girl who Poopydorou'd in her car. It was gross.
by IWearFancyPants July 20, 2011

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