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When men (or much more commonly little boys) go #2 then stand up to pee without flushing first. Regardless of whatever reason this act is initiated (sometimes intentionally or just because one doesn't realize the need to pee before standing), it then becomes irresistible to try to cut the doo-doos into smaller pieces with the golden stream.

Poop Ship Destroyer is also a song by Ween.
Little tommy was peeing while making war noises in the bathroom. I think he was playing poop ship destroyer again.
by BraddleCat November 14, 2007
9 Words related to Poop Ship Destroyer
A cat who poops on everything, a ship for poop that destroys everything
That poop ship destroyer took a dump on my jacket! What an asshole!
by Kikimewmew February 28, 2014

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