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An alternate name for a retarded person. This is insinuating that the man or woman is retarded because he/she came out of his or her mother's asshole when they were born.
Jon was in all sped classes and he ate his own sperm so we locked him in a cage and called him a poop baby.
by KBB123 May 02, 2007
The result of semen leaking from the penis during anal sex into the vagina and impregnating the woman. The resulting child is thus, a poop baby.
I always wondered why Davis was so weird...until I found out he was a poop baby.
by Mary Shelley April 03, 2007
A poop so giant it feels like you just pushed a baby out of your butt.
OH MAN I JUST HAD A POOP BABY! I think I'll name it George.
by Poopmama February 15, 2009