Top Definition
someone who is bad with girls
compound word of poontang (pussy) and retard
Hes a fucking poontard
by Go-Getter April 12, 2006
A person who involuntarily acts stupid in the presence of women.
He turns into a complete poontard when he is around her.
by Splatterhauz March 16, 2008
When someone takes leave of their facilities or shows poor judgement based on a desire to have intercourse with a woman.
He is a Poontard when it comes to plus-size women.
by Macatawa March 19, 2009
Some one who is abosolutly terrible with women
combonation of poontang (pussy) and retard thus getting
God DAMN Andrew is such a fucking poontard!
by Sir Branchaud April 14, 2006
A person completely lacking in intelligence.
Only a complete poontard would fail the California state exit exam
by YargPirateYarg February 24, 2005
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