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Another word for horny or turning someone on
You know Vicky? She makes me so poonpoon

Yo that porno I saw last night made me too poonpoon for words!
by vickush April 26, 2012
4 1
A vagina. A poontang. A beef curtain. A cunt. A twat.
You put the peen peen in the poon poon.
by Junkrocka May 12, 2008
27 8
An exclimation made by a man who is certain that he is about to recieve some kind of intercourse, be it a cheeky blowy or full on balls deep poon pounding.

The words are usually said with assonance of 'choo choo' (like a train') and the arm movement commonly seen when a train driver is honking a horn
Danny: that nasty bitch Jenny is gonna feel my balls slap on her gooch. Poon poon!
by sbccrew October 20, 2009
5 13