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An ubiquitous object that offers many great stimulatory-related perks. If one is dubbed a poonbaby, one must be extremely proud of their new title; and furthermore must spread their poonbaby steeze throughout their country of origin.
Poonbabies are all over the world, but are a rarity and are subsequently not easily found.
In essence, a poonbaby is similar to a babythug; one which has steeze that flows like the waters of the river Nile. A poonbaby has magical properties, can make dragons explode, and is embossed in a celestial hue that fades to indigo.
Poonbabies generally tend to congregate at Newbury College in Brookline, Massachusetts.

A poonbaby is not to be confused with poon, which is a vagina.
"I met a poonbaby earlier...She granted me three magical wishes: 1) Pussy 2) Money 3) Weed."
by SabAsh December 03, 2008
One who is cowardice or lacking any fervor.
"What you mean you dont wanna come to the show?"
"My Mom said i cant..."
"Man, you ain't nothing but a little Poon Baby!"
by Cronktoculous 3000 December 11, 2007
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