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A Poonarnia is a poonani that is deceptively large. Who's outward appearance is of tightness, but the internal properties are of mythical proportions.
"mate, banged a girl with a poonarnia last night, couldn't feel shit mate."

"Babes, I can't wait to be in that tight, tight pussy....... oh... there's enough room for me and Aslan in here. "
by LIAM & MATT March 30, 2013
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A magical world of minge stumbled upon by accident at the back of your friend's dad's wardrobe. A porn stash.
- Mikey, you coming out for a beer tonight?
-No, my spuds are teeming, I'll be in Poonarnia
by Dermot O'Logical October 11, 2009
A magical land of poonage(ownage) where someone is sent after they have been severley pooned(owned) by a snappy quick witted remark.

Oh man, did you hear them arguing? Brandon totally got sent to poonarnia!
by poon_master January 13, 2008

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