1) The dude with whom you share a poon in a MMF threesome.

2) A female roomie that while not involved with you, still helps you out with more than the dishes & laundry.
1) I was totally poomies with (insert name) last night after that party and now I can't look him in the eye.

2) My cute poomie took pity on my blue balls last night and sucked me off after dinner.
by Ill-khan October 11, 2009
Top Definition
Anything to do with the anus, anal, or smelly bottoms in general
I would really like to fuck your poomie

Cum in my poomie
I can see your poomie
by Poomie__11 May 31, 2009
A Poor Homie. A homie who dresses up in fake and tattered clothing
That poomie is stealing my lunch from the bin.
by NAWDOG June 07, 2009
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