When you're on the loo doing a poo and your partner gives you a blow job
"Hey baby, nothin' good to read in here, you busy?"

"It's a dirty poo job, but somebody's gotta do it"
by LKHall March 25, 2010
Top Definition
When a girl shits on a guy's cock then proceeds to jack it off.
Trollieman is such a fag. He got a poojob from an Orangutan!
by Iceberg33 August 30, 2010
A poo job is basically using a hardened turd as a dildo. To achieve this someone will have to eat an intense course of bran products and stool hardener. When the person who is going to recieve to the poo job (the jobee) is half way through taking a shit an accomplice (the jobber) will then push and pull the turd out of the jobee's anus, therefore replicating the act of sex but with poo.
Alan i'm about to do a shit, come and give us a poo job.
by Jimbo McSlice March 10, 2010
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