The anus, could be referred to as Poogina when speaking of anal sex.
Poo (scat, feces) and Vagina (Common hole used for sex.) Combined to form the Poogina. Anal-vagina.
I was giving Mandies Poogina a good pounding last night, she screamed like a little bitch.
by Rob September 28, 2003
Top Definition
Always wipe from front to back, keeps the poopie out of the crack, cause if you wipe from back to front, you'll surely get poopies in your cunt!
Not cleaning crap out of your vagina, or not wiping in the correct direction, hence the smelly Poogina!
by faithuncertain June 29, 2010
Having dihareah so loose that it slips into the vagina.
Last night I had the shits so bad I woke up with a poogina.
by Mammoss December 06, 2012
When a man inserts his penis into an anus and then getting feces on his penis and then inserting his penis into a vagina, causing the woman to get feces in her vagina.
Muffin gave Sarah the ultimate poogina last night after having hard sex with brendans a-hole
by Chaltz February 11, 2009
The term used to describe the Rectal region on a homosexual male.
My boyfriend really pounded my poogina last night,
by Evilgoatboy666 July 28, 2006
stinky vagina.. specifically after lots of sex.
Jeez... Jack fucked me so much I ended up with poogina!
by Shabba! July 27, 2007
The female anus, used for heterosexual anal sex.
Damn, she got screwed hard up the poogina!
by JeffyJeffJeff September 04, 2006
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