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The name for a girls unshaved Va Jay Jay.
"Hey, can you shave your poofie before we have sex, it's too prinkly!"
by Shandel7 February 19, 2009
3 3
The kind of poop that you get when you are constipated and it floats . Also rabbit poop . Looks like Cocoa Pebbles or Sugar Puffs.
Noah left some poofies in the toilet again.
by Ujal April 04, 2005
51 13
The act of taking selfies whilst pooping and sending them to your unsuspecting friends.
I'm getting real tired of all these poofie's that Geoffrey has been snapchatting me today
by Fergo's got a gun April 09, 2014
2 0
What comes out of Gomez's ass.
Holy shit i think Chris just poofied!
by Matt G November 16, 2003
7 23